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Chartered Accountants in Colchester and Braintree

From our offices in Colchester and Braintree, we provide accountancy and taxation advice to clients throughout Essex and beyond. Although we offer a broad range of services to businesses of many sizes and complexities, we recognise that every client is an individual and has very specific needs. We are known for taking that little bit of extra time to find out about your circumstances. We believe it’s worth it, as it means you get the best possible advice.

With central locations in both towns, it is easy for clients to visit. Our Colchester office is in North Hill, very close to the town centre and to car parking at St Mary’s and NCP. In Braintree, our office in located within easy walking distance of several car parks and on-road parking, and again is close to the town centre.

Do you offer a free initial meeting?

Give us a call or send an email and we will be delighted to arrange a free initial meeting in order to ‘fact find’ and talk about how we can help. We like to meet you face to face if possible but if that doesn’t work for you, we are happy to have an initial chat on the phone.

What about fees?

We are completely transparent about our fees, which are calculated on a time basis. We’re also happy to provide estimates before any work commences.

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